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Attending Macao Trademark Association & International Intellectual Property Symposium & Kinhalo’s 8th Anniversary

2019-05-21 Copyfrom:Kinhalo

On June 26, 2016, our firm had its 8th anniversary in Macao. At our sincere invitation, elites of Intellectual Property in different fields from all over the world attended the ceremony on the occasion of Macao Trademark Association and Intellectual Property Symposium were held in the same period of time.   
    This unusual birthday party has not only accelerated the process of us performing an international role in the world stage of intellectual property rights, but strengthened our interaction with our peers in interior services concerning legal business, trademark, patent, and copyright etc. Drawn great attention from our guests worldwide, including Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan, this turned out to be an opportunity for both the firm and its staff to learn how to make themselves more dedicated and professional in the field, cultivating a more humane and active cultural atmosphere for the group.
    Such events will be necessarily encouraged in the future, for the path to an internationalized intellectual property is exactly where we intend to generate our potential, build our core competence, and make our moves.
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