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Group headquarters
Address:C0805/0803,Tower1,Wangjing SOHO,Chaoyang District,100102,Beijing,China       
Tel:010 51292511                   
Fax:010 52285650  
※ We locate at WANGJING international business area with convenient transportation--
As for the subway transportation, subway line 14 and 15 all cross in WANGJING station. You can go to WANGJING WEST station of line 13, TAIYANGGONG station of line 10 and SANYUANQ station of AIRPORT subway.
※ As for the bus station, there are bus of No. 359, 405, 538, 641, 696, 915, 916, 916 , 918, 923, 934, 935, 936, 970, 980, 987, 988.
※ As for the environment, WANGJING SOHO is close to the head office of the companies of top 500 in the world, including Daimler, Caterpillar, Alibaba, HP, Siemens, SONY Ericsson, MOTOROLA and so on. We are also close to some supermarket including Wal-Mart, IKEA and so on. Furthermore, WANGJING Business Center has the benefit of that in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, and also attract lots of new high-tech enterprise to settle here.
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Address:C0805, Tower 1, Wangjing SOHO, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China